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    Hello everyone

    i want write this review because InterServer Realy is Good Company,

    i worked with InterServer more than 2Years, they Have perfect Support manager with John Quaglieri

    John Quaglieri is support manager, he helped me any time in ticket, Literally 24/7/365,

    they have Live Chat support and sales, they are perfect also,

    they have stable port and high quality (i don't see like it) + 100% uptime.

    they have perfect customize control panel customer, i dont see like that.

    John Quaglieri helped me Outside the work area, without any money, we cant find like them in world, i am sure.

    they have perfect billing syste, for example last month I had financial problem, they kept my server online without additional cost.

    they have toll free, it was very very good for me.

    in 2years, I did not any worry, they helped me any time.

    Thank you John Quaglieri, Michael Lavrik and other member Team.

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    John is actually the Chief Technology Officer, not a support manager.

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