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    How many web sites on SSD VPS 2GB ram?


    I'm interested in starting a small web hosting business. I'm thinking about getting a SSD VPS with 2GB ram.

    Here are the specs:
    CPU: Equal CPU Share
    RAM: 2GB
    vSwap: 2GB
    SSD: 40GB RAID 10
    Bandwidth: 3TB
    Port: 100Mbps

    I plan on using cPanel. I guess clients will be installing everything from static websites, forums, blogs, to some custom scripts.

    I'm wondering how many sites could I host on one VPS with those specs and cPanel?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Any response here can only be guesswork, as there's so many factors involved - the CPU type is a big part of it, so that'd help greatly, but the first limit you'd hit is probably memory, as a fresh default cPanel can take up about 1GB just to begin with before optimization. A few of our clients have just a single (active) site on a cPanel VPS, which without optimization are usually toeing the 2GB line.

    Also depends what kind of sites you'll be aiming at and the price marker. Realistically you could get thousands of accounts onto that setup, doesn't mean you should though.

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    I will suggest to increase memory to around 3GB for using cPanel and selling hosting.
    Number of sites you can host will depend on type of websites / traffic.
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    Hello Vita, all depend of the website's traffic and also if they will receive attacks or not.

    For start try to get a little more memory and good luck.
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    2GB looks like a good start, you can always upgrade as you receive more traffic or need more resources.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vita94 View Post
    CPU: Equal CPU Share
    You need to verify this with your host how much cpu you can use without getting suspended :-)
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    The maximun websites that can be hosted depends on what kind of sites will be hosted on your server.

    For example high traffic flash websites would load your server much more than a static html site.

    Good luck with your bussines

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    Very much depends on type of web content you going to host. Static, dynamic, cms, streaming and so on will give you different impact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vita94 View Post
    I plan on using cPanel. I guess clients will be installing everything from static websites, forums, blogs, to some custom scripts.

    I'm wondering how many sites could I host on one VPS with those specs and cPanel?
    It should be good enough for 100 small websites providing that your VPS provider does not oversell their server too much. Hyper-V SSD VPS USA London Singapore
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    Any dynamic websites will cause little CPU load along with memory usage to the server and it is easy to get an overloaded system if you host a couple of medium traffic websites ( overload for a VPS defined by your provider TOS ). So if you host static websites only, it will be fine to host ~100 websites. Else the number depends on how active the websites will be. Perhaps you can try an nginx / varnish plugin to reduce the load and host more dynamic websites.

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    A single high traffic or a resource hogging website can kill that setup. Having said that, there is no exact no. of website that can be hosted.

    You just need to upgrade if you find which deficiency you have..

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