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    NameBargain deleted one of my domains

    Wow this company sucks. I posted previously about my dissatisfaction with their pricing. As described in that thread, when I found out about their big .com price hike I contacted customer service about it and caught them telling me an untruth: they initially claimed they were passing on a price increase from Verisign. I knew that was hogwash and when I called them out on it they offered to refund me the fee for 1 year after I renewed a registration:

    Once again please accept my apologies and in an order of good faith if you wish to renew your domain name you can reply to this email afterwards and I will refund the cost of the domain name renewal for a one year term.
    (Hindsight: I should have asked for a coupon code.)

    On 12/2 I renewed a .com and sent them an email requesting the refund. About 25 hours passed with no response, so I emailed them again. This time I got a response in about 15 minutes. The response said they needed confirmation and asked me to send the answer to one of the account security questions. Of course I declined to send that information in email. I asked what they needed confirmation of since I'd already provided the previous support ticket number where I was promised the refund at the same email address I was now using to communicate with them. I said that if some additional confirmation was required, they needed to offer a secure way to provide it, e.g. through the account management website. Their email also included the following:

    Are you looking to cancel the name or?
    I had no idea what they were talking about, so in reply I said:

    What is your question?
    31 hours passed with no response, so on 12/4 I emailed them again to say that it was taking a lot longer than I expected and ask for an update on what was happening.

    Today I checked my email to find this message from them (emphasis mine):

    I have refunded the order as you requested and removed the name from your account.
    That's right -- the name is just GONE. I thought they were being a PITA about issuing the refund by giving me this "additional confirmation" bull, but they went from that to deleting the name from my account without any additional confirmation. I emailed them twice this morning and it's now over 2 hours from my first email with no response. Since this was their excuse for jacking up the price, I'd hate to think what they'd be doing if they didn't have all those extra funds available for this great customer support:

    We understand that this can be an inconvenience to our customers but to be able to provide the support that we have always had for our customers this price increase was necessary.

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    After over 2 hours the same rep sent me this broken English reply (they didn't escalate my ticket to someone higher up as I requested this morning):

    So I bave placed the name back in the account at no charge and the refund is still going through. I am certain but there may have been an misunderstanding. But everthing is worked out now.
    So the name is back. Fortunately this name was just parked, I don't know how disruptive it would've been otherwise.

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