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    We have a client in Chicago that is looking to build out a DR site in Equinix Ashburn. I want to hire a company in the area to take care of their infrastructure. I'm looking for a really good company, close by, 24x7 support (if needed) that can really do just about anything and even provide equipment if needed. Obviously the per hour cost I'd like to keep as low as possible. Any suggestions with a well known tech team to operates out of Ashburn, VA? This is not a request for colo or IP services.


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    the folks at inforelay may be able to assist - colocation, dedicated and cloud quotes

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    Thanks for the s/o @quotecolo. We're just down the road from Equinix Ashburn (usually less than 20 minutes door-to-door), and we offer managed support for deployments. We're also staffed 24/7; as much as we wish they would, problems don't confine themselves to 9-5, so neither do we.

    If you'd like more information, feel free to send me a PM.

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