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    MX server

    i have a domain from registrar that comes with email from my own server that uses roundcube with mx server, I got the mx record added at registrar but since it goes by use the one from registar's mx it bounce back everytime i send email to the one i created from my server with an error >> tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain "mydomain.tld" by "registrar's mail server here"

    but if i delete the registrar's mx server at registar...i can receive/send mails without problem from my box

    how to solve it? ideas...anyone

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    Why not just point the DNS to your server then configure the mx in your server instead?

    No need to use the dns of your registrar.
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    that's possible but even without doing that, I can have the registrar's mail server removed from MX records at registrar then everything works fine using my own mail server...but I want to use the email that is provided by registrar as well...
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    I believe you just have to make the MX server a very high priority and everything should work out.

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    [email protected] from registrar - [email protected] from my box...if i send mail to [email protected] it rejects the mail if i have the mx server from registrar added at mx record from registrar cause it's not mail open relay...vice versa if sending mail to [email protected] using my mail server it rejects

    which is which to be set high?

    any ideas how this can be achieved?

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