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    Dedicated Zone - Fully managed dedicated servers

    Hello all,

    I stumbled around this forum few days ago and i found alot of useful information and some people speaking their thoughts about their experience with dedicated servers providers.

    So i thought I'd share my experience with a provider that I've been using for a long while now.

    I've been using Dedicated Zone for almost 2 years now, they have affordable servers in term of prices compared to a lot of other providers who pretty much provide the same hardware and services.

    In term of prices,I doubt you will find prices better then what they offer for the hardware you get for the price you pay. Specially since its a managed server. I will talk about this more below.

    In term of quality and uptime, the server hardware that you pay for speaks for itself, the quality of the connection is really good and i use it regularly to SSH tunnel from my country to watch Hulu in 720p wihtout any issues, buffering or losing connection which is definitely a big plus in my book.

    My servers uptime is really great and only needed to reboot just a few times during the past couple of years and thats only for installing some OS security updates.

    In term of support, the support team is very helpful, responsive and very understanding, for the price you pay for the dedicated server hardware and getting a managed server, which means you get to have a nice net to fall on if you screw up anything, its a great deal.

    I'm running FreeBSD OS on my servers and my FreeBSD knowledge is considered limited, there for I have been using their support a lot to install, run, check any kind of issues/programs i want to have running on the server.

    My conclusion, if you want affordable _managed_ dedicated servers that you wouldnt pay much but receive premium support and services, i totally suggest Dedicated Zone for you.

    Unfortunately, i found out that i cannot provide links into this post cause the rules say i need to have 5 post at least in order to use them, but if you google "dedicated zone servers", the link will popup for you.

    It is definitely worth to have a look.

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    Thanks Smokie, I'm glad you like our service!
    Peter S.
    Dedicated Zone - Managed Dedicated Servers
    US East Coast & Central Europe Datacenters

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