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    allowed proxies?

    Many hosting providers place restrictions on CDN, and Streaming usage, by forbidding them.

    My question is more in terms of proxy servers. Under Terms & Conditions, if I am providing a Proxy service for Streaming, does that fall under "proxy" or "streaming"? I assume it falls under "streaming" because the bandwidth usage pattern is identical to streaming, and thus forbidden.

    Also, my question is about the legality of proxy service. I'm working to develop a proxy service (right now only for video gaming) but potentially open-ended. My concern is what if my customers use my proxy servers to do illegal things? This is more a legal question but I'm leaning on restricting my proxy service to video games only so that I have no legal liability. But, on the other hand, if my risk is low enough for general use, the potential market for my prospective service is much greater.

    Not sure if this matters, but unlike most proxies, my goal is not to do with trying to make a customer Anonymous, but rather quality of service (network performance enhancement).

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    It is still falls under proxy in my opinion. The way you described it, it is proxy and providers will not consider it as streaming.
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