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    * OpenERP+Joomla+JShopping fully managed hosting

    Hi guys.
    I am going to host pre-configured fully managed installations of OpenERP(Ubintu+Python+PostgreSQL).
    I have got a server of the following spec:
    16x 2GHz cores, 128GB Ram, 8x1Tb SSD (3xRAID10 +2 spares).
    I will make a virtual machine with all the software installed and configured, and then run a copy of that VM for each new client allowing not more than 10 concurrent users per client.
    The server will be collocated.
    I'll be doing all the admin work manually, i.e. no control panel or billing software will be used at the moment ( but definitely be used later, when the number of customers grow).

    From your experience , what is your best guess on the number of such virtual machines that can run concurrently on such a server with an acceptable response time?

    Or else?

    I can have up to 24 of those servers with identical spec.
    Any suggestions on better utilisation of them?
    May be put the PostgreSQL on a dedicated machine, etc?

    Thank you


    OOPS put a wrong title.
    Should read OpenERP fully managed hosting
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