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    Best Place to sell domain names?

    I have a domain name I wish to sell "" where would I go about selling this for the maximum profit?

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    Sedo, Flippa, etc. Just a few of the hundreds (thousands?) of providers that will help you sell your domain. But no matter who you use, you'll need to determine what makes your domain special - traffic, links to it, etc. That's what prospective buyers will want to know.
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  3. #3 - free to list all your domains - pay a commission upon sale; - There is a small annual fee, but the buyers here are genuinely interested;
    Forums - and;

    Flippa and GoDaddy Auctions are good options.

    Also, do not forget to mention what is good about your domain name - spelling, traffic, SEO, links etc.

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    For me, Sedo is the places and the most reliable place to buy and sell unique domain names.

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    Sedo is the best one. I can buy it for the listed price, no questions asked. I don't have to inject myself into a possibly frustrating negotiation, and I don't have to hope that the buyer honors the price he is asking. If I click the buy now button, the seller and I are locked into a contract, and I can take him to court if he backs out.

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    I agree with ChristopherMott, Flippa and GoDaddy Auctions are good options. Sedo is full of ads, looks like a spam site CMIIW

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    You can not get much easier than Sedo as the configuration of your bid. All you need to do is type your domain name, set a category, its price and you're good to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valusten View Post
    You can not get much easier than Sedo as the configuration of your bid. All you need to do is type your domain name, set a category, its price and you're good to go.
    Yh sedo is the best in terms of configurations.

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    I know that Sedo offers parking pages in over 20 languages. By utilizing geo-targeting, visitors to your domain will see advertisements targeted for their location and delivered in their local language.

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    GoDaddy Auctions
    The prices people are willing to pay on GoDaddy tend to be much lower than on other domain sales sites. I'm not a GD Auctions fan.

    Bodis and Sedo are what I usually use. Bodis has actually been working better (more sales) than Sedo for me recently. The forum sites NamePros and DNForum are good for lower quality names. Bido is good for quick auction sales but sales prices are low.

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    There are so many places to sell your domain names such as:

    You can also sell your domains at various forums like NamePros, DNForum, WHT, Digital Point, Wjunction, V7N, etc.

    And if your domain names are brandables, try the well-known Namerific, Brand Bucket, Brandroot...

    Good luck.

  12. Sedo has always been great for us, will try Afternic soon tho.
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    I found out that forums are the best place for this activity. Sedo and others are oceans where only big domains are picked up

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    It depends on the name. To do some quick sells use the forums.

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    The process with Godaddy was pretty straight forward and you agree the price you want, they then stick their commission ontop.

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    4,985 would be the number one spot to try and sell your domain. You may also be able to post a thread here on WHT offering your domain and someone may come across it and offer you a price or take it for your asking price.

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