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    SSD-based VPS Solutions

    I feel like SSD-based VPS packages are rapidly becoming one of the new hosting "hot items". While it is likely that many people do not need the disk I/O performance associated with SSDs, it certainly helps a VPS host machine. For people that actually do need the disk I/O performance, an SSD-based VPS on a well balanced host node is probably a pretty refreshing experience (that doesn't destroy the wallet).

    How often do you get SSD-based VPS requests? How would you use SSD-based host nodes? (higher VPS density, market better VPS performance, etc) Do you feel like the majority of people requesting SSD-based solutions really need them?
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    I think half the reason they are gaining traction is most cheap(er) VPS companies are stuffing 40 or more VPS onto 2x SATA disks in RAID1, so performance for anything more than a basic static site / VOIP server is just horrible. If its SSD based you stand a better chance of getting acceptable, consistent performance.

    We've had a couple of requests but in the end they were more than happy with the performance of a good mechanical array. We normally do 6x or 8x enterprise-grade SATA in RAID10 with a high-end controller card shared between 40 VPS, 50 at the most.

    In all honesty, I'm not that bothered for now.

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