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    Hello from Toronto

    Hello everyone. About 6 years ago I used WHT to find my webhost. I'm still with them today, so I guess that I made a good choice.

    I've been an I.T tech professionally for about 14 years and started dabbling in websites 6 years ago, mostly with WordPress. I've used Drupal and Joomla as well.

    On and off over the years I've read the forum as a guest. Today I decided to join and participate in this great community.

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    Welcome aboard on WHT

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    Glad to see a neighbour join!

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    Hi IT Tech and welcome to Web Hosting Talk!

    A couple points of great interest are the forum guidelines and this answer guide.

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    Tulsa, OK

    That's the same thing I did in using WHT lurking as they call it as a guest and then finally deciding best decision. It's great to take part and help others.

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    Thanks for the welcomes.

    Yes Ocosa, one does get a good feeling when you are able to help another person.

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