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    Free Yubikey with purchase of NOC-PS dedicated server provisioning system!

    NOC-PS software

    We offer a dedicated server provisioning system called NOC-PS that allows you to (re)install the operating system of your dedicated servers over the network.


    • Operating systems that can be automatically installed:

      - Ubuntu
      - Centos
      - Fedora
      - Debian
      - FreeBSD
      - OpenSuse
      - Windows Server

    • Installations are conducted using the official network installation method supported by the Operating System (like kickstart, preseed, etc.), and NOT using disk cloning.
      Although DHCP is used to be able to boot the machine off the network, the systems are configured with a static network configuration, and local resolving DNS server, so that no dependencies on other systems exist after installation.

    • The following rescue and utility systems can be started, for things like resetting a forgotten root password, and repairing broken systems:

      - Sysrescd
      - Clonezilla

    • Servers can be rebooted automatically if the mainboard is equipped with IPMI/BMC/iLO/DRAC/AMT functionality, or is connected to an APC, Racktivity, Ipoman or Koukaam NetIO remote power switch.

    • Simple data traffic graphs can be generated, provided the server is connected to an Ethernet switch that supports SNMP.

    10 minute installation

    For ease of installation the NOC-PS management software is provided as a virtual appliance file, that needs to be imported to a server running VMware VSphere or Citrix Xenserver.
    Just import the appliance file, enter the IP-address and other networking information you want the webinterface to use and you are good to go.

    Admin webinterface

    We provide an easy to use admin web interface, which you can use to register your dedicated servers with the system, and provision them.

    Integration with billing portals

    If you desire that end-users can reinstall the operating system by themselves, you can use our XML-RPC API to integrate the product into your own website.
    We also have (open source) modules for Blesta and Hostbill.

    Supports both dedicated and virtual servers

    In addition to provisioning dedicated server there is also basic support for creating Vmware, Xenserver HVM, Proxmox KVM and oVirt virtual machines


    An annual fee is charged based on the number of servers you have in your network.
    For every 100 servers you have, we charge you 100 EUR/year excluding VAT (if applicable).
    It does not matter how many times you reinstall each server.

    December 2013 offer

    Because we believe security should not be a paid extra, we will send a free Yubikey OTP token to every customer that purchases a NOC-PS license in December 2013.
    Yubikey OTP tokens are used as second authentication factor -in addition to normal username and password authentication- when logging into the admin webinterface .

    The Yubikey emulates an USB keyboard and emits a one time password when pressed, providing security against key logging and compromised passwords.

    More information

    No need to enter coupon codes or anything special when ordering. The token will be shipped to your address automatically.
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