The end of the year is a time for reflection. Take a moment to consider how well your forum, website or blog is doing. Is there room for growth, a wider readership, or better sales figures? If the answer is yes then take a look at some of the most popular problems website owners and managers have, along with some perfect solutions.

Q: My company webpage or online business site has a high bounce rate. How can I improve this and stop people moving on so quickly?

A: Web surfers decide the worth of a page within the first few seconds, which makes it essential your landing page is well written, engaging and on topic. Our staff can write articles which meet these criteria, for every page on your site. All material is 100% original and written especially to meet your needs.

Q: I know my product or service is well priced and good value, but I get hardly any traffic via the popular search engines. How can I get some much needed attention?

A: Search engines love quality content. The sites that get the most promotion tend to have fresh, focused and relevant information, with the correct ratio of SEO keywords. Using our article writing service to update your site will help, or you could try one of our Twitter packages. We provide concise & engaging Tweets, ready for you to post at your own convenience. The third option would be our 3rd party posting packages. Simply supply a list of suitable forums & our staff can promote your link, product or service in a natural way.

Q: I have recently launched a brand new forum and a few people have signed up, but nobody is really posting. I need advice on how to get things going.

A: Forums are like dance floors, once somebody starts doing something on it then others will follow. Hiring paid forum posters is the best way to get things moving. Our writers are experts at writing threads and replies that look and sound entirely natural. Once you have some quality content it wonít be long before lurkers become posters themselves. (This works equally well with established forums that need a boost.)

Q: My forum was popular for several years but has been in decline for the past two. We got hit badly by spam and it put the regular posters off. Any ideas on bringing it back to life?

A: In addition to the advice given above you may want to consider a forum moderation package. Ask us for more details.

Q: My blog gets several hits a day but I havenít got one comment at all. What am I doing wrong?

A: Congratulations on having regular traffic to your blog. The easy solution here is to buy a blog commenting package. Once you have a couple of comments other readers will be keen to add their own ideas or opinions to the mix.

Q: Iím interested in buying content creation services. How do I know the work will be of a high quality?

A: All Paid Forum Posting writers are vetted before hiring, and subject to a monitoring period afterwards. We have high standards, and do not accept anyone with weak English writing skills.

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