We're looking to pick up some additional quality long term clients, and willing to give you the first year on our dime. For a limited time, and number of clients, you would get your FIRST YEAR for $1.00/month! We are confident you will be happy with our service, and stick around after the promotion, or upgrade before then.

BlazingSwitch Budget VPS OpenVZ - BASIC - $1.00/month for your FIRST YEAR!!
* 512 MB Dedicated RAM
* 25 GB Raid-10 Disk Space
* 5 TB Premium Bandwidth
* 1G Port Upgrade Available
* 1 Dedicated IP Addresses
* Basic Management
PROMO CODE: TRYME (enter @ check out, $4.95 discount applied to order)


BlazingSwitch VPS Control Panel
BlazingSwitch OS Templates

* We OWN Our Hardware (SuperMicro servers, Juniper routers, and switches)
* Assigned Our Own ARIN IP allocation(s).
* 24/7/365 North American Support Staff.
* We're a Verified Authorize.net Merchant
* 1G & 10G UNMETERED Bandwidth Plans Available

* SuperMicro Enterprise Grade Servers (not desktops)
* Juniper Routers
* IPMI Available
* Dual 1Gbps port

Hardware Specifications:
* Dual Intel Quad Core Xeon E5506
* 1G Port Speed
* RAID-10 Array

* CPanel ($15.00/month)
* WHMCS, Blesta or ClientExec Available
* Full Management Upgrade Available

- 24/7/365 Tech Support Available
- Free Reboot
- Free Console Access
- Control Panel installation and Configuration
- Firewall CSF Installation and Maintenance
- Script installations (any with documentation publicly available).
- /tmp hardening
- Kernel Updates
- Resource Monitoring
- Free Migration
- Off Site Back Ups Available (not included)

- Los Angeles
- Phoenix

*Uptime guarantee does not include client requested or announced maintenance. If you need something special, or custom. You are always welcome to contact us. Payments accepted by Verified Paypal, or Credit Card. We do not provide tech support/trouble shooting on third party scripts beyond initial server configuration and installation unless you have FULL MANAGEMENT upgrade.

Absolutely no mailers allowed. No torrents. No link blasters. No site scrapers. Adult sites or content is fine, as long as it's legal according to U.S. law. Game servers are NOT allowed on PROMO VPS plans. If you have a question on what's permitted, you're best served to open a support ticket prior to sign up. ALL new sign ups are ran through a MaxMind FRAUD check prior to deployment. If your details do not pass MaxMind, you're order will be canceled. Additional server options, or customization, are available upon request at additional cost.

Offer is Good Until 12/15/13 or until this promotional servers are sold out. Payments by Paypal, or Credit Card. This offer is available to NEW clients only!

While often times you have service within an hour, because of the typically high demand on PROMOTIONAL OFFERS our deployment times are 24-48 BUSINESS HOURS from the time you pass the FRAUD check, and payment has cleared.

There is a limit of ONE promotional or discounted VPS plan for any one NEW client. If you cancel your plan, are disconnected for non-payment, or terminated for a abuse, you would lose the promotion and not get it back. You must pass MaxMind upon sign up to be eligible for promotion or service. If you are signing up via proxy, VPN, or using information that does not match up to your geoip often times you will be flagged as possible fraud in the billing software and your order will be declined. Additionally, there are some orders received that will require manual review and approval.

We have expanded our promotional locations to now include Phoenix. Despite the multiple locations offered, you do not have a choice where you end up for your $1.00 promotional service. The final destination of your server is going to be based on available space and resources for the promotional servers. If you are happy with the service and upgrade to a full plan later down the road, we can move you to the location of your choice.

If you have any questions, please feel free to submit a SUPPORT TICKET prior to purchase.