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    WholeSaleInternet - Extremely slow ticket response, servers all offline for +24 hrs

    I have 10 servers with WSI and 2 days ago I was due to pay my invoice, which I tried to do but the payment failed due to a bank issue, so my servers were taken offline until I would pay the invoice. I paid the invoice immediately and double checked that it went thru. I told them that the payment had been sent but their staff have not turned my servers back online.

    It has now been over 24 hrs and my servers have been offline and they still are.

    I was told yesterday that their billing department would get online at 8 am - 5pm so I waited and waited yesterday for a response but not a single update was made from their part.

    I hope that this can get resolved from their end because otherwise I will have paid a very large sum of money, only to have my 10 servers wiped and taken from me..

    I am surprised at this because I've been a loyal customer for over 6 months, and I've never had any problems with them, their support staff / billing usually respond within 10 minutes, but for this matter it almost seems like they are going out of their way NOT to respond..

    They told me yesterday (Dec 3) that I would have 2 days to make sure the payment was sent in or they would wipe my servers and take them out to sell. I made the payment immediately, but if they don't respond to my ticket, they could end up wiping 10 servers which I paid for during the allotted time they gave me.
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    If your payment was received we will get your servers back online. You can avoid this in the future by making sure there is money in your account to cover your checks so they don't bounce.
    Aaron Wendel
    Wholesale Internet, Inc. -
    Kansas City Internet eXchange -

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    Quote Originally Posted by WII-Aaron View Post
    If your payment was received we will get your servers back online. You can avoid this in the future by making sure there is money in your account to cover your checks so they don't bounce.
    You are right, I should have made sure that there was enough money in my account but after I found out that the check bounced I made sure to send it in full.

    I sent the money in about 36 hrs ago and my servers are still offline and I still haven't gotten a single response from Billing.

    Could you please see if you can get this sorted? I didn't make this thread to bash you guys, I've had nothing but good experiences with you guys for the last 6 months, but this is a very important matter and it seems like it has just been forgotten and put to the side on your front.

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    Here also walk having problems.
    This company made ​​a move with me, I bought a server in the morning, only confirmed the purchase at dawn.
    Now it's been almost 3 days and I not have my server yet.

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    I have not felt it. Maybe after they process my new online server I could feel the slow pace of their support.

    Process orders only their slowest ....!

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    So you write a bad check and come here to bicker? This is completely on you.

    I honestly feel bad for Aaron and his team, dealing with children expecting the world for a few bucks a month. I've had very few issues at WSI/DS... great service for the price. Period.

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    The problem is both relative prices. Sell ​​services to be professional. Especially in the field of Provider. Professional services may have to be increased.

    We stayed at the asia, in developing countries. We are confident the U.S. more professional provider for the world.

    Is going bad in service in developed countries.?

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    Wholesale Techs is 24/7, I have several tickets that were submitted at the midnight and their techs replied in 15-30 minutes, even some questions not related to any servers I have with them. Sales may be a slow process, but I could vote 10/10 for techs support, which would be my main concern after all.

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    You must understand that WSI must have been checking for potential fraud check payment. If your first payment attempt really bounced then it might have alert them or their system about you. If you aren't sure that you can't pay on time because you don't have any fund on your bank then let them know through a ticket. WSI might even extend your payment overdue date for a few days especially since your claiming that your a loyal customer with 10 servers with them. No business will let loose a loyal customer.

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    I expected it. I already feel at this time. They have worked in support.

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