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    I've been hosted with off and on since 2011. What I mean by off and on is some months I'd have no need for hosting so I wouldn't have an account with them during those months. Yeah, call me a crappy customer for that, right? But never fear I'm actually starting to have a reason to host with them so I'm going to keep my account active!

    Anyway, these guys are insane. By insane, I mean insanely good. They respond to tickets on an average of 5 minutes and they login and resolve any issues I have instead of forcing me to do so. They're friendly and straight to the point. You'll go "X isn't working" and they'll be like "Please wait" then a couple minutes later "fixed". Now that's pretty good customer service in my opinion. Most of the problems I've had has been my own fault but they were more than happy to fix them and resolve them which is quite impressive as I wouldn't be surprised if other companies told me where to stick it if I caused problems (accidentally) then asked for help.

    Initially I only had 512 MB RAM in my VPS and was finding I was having a truckload of errors in cPanel. But since upgrading to 1GB RAM, everything run smoothly. has their own data center too which I may add and their network is top quality. My website never loads slow and they even gave me their CloudFlare API so I could install CloudFlare CDN onto my VPS as they're an official partner with CloudFlare. Not bad, not bad at all. I wasn't expecting them to give me access to the API for the CloudFlare cPanel Plugin but absolutely had no problem getting it by opening a ticket.

    Their Chief Technology Officer (CTO) commonly responds to tickets and in the forum so it really feels like you're apart of a hosting family instead of a customer of a business. Their server techs are all outsourced it seems to India (Found this out by copypasting one of their tech IPs after they access SSH on my behalf into Google) but they speak English decently well and do know what they are doing. I am one of those people who generally dislike outsourced support and talking to someone offshore but I haven't had any problems with their staff in India and if you have any major problems I'm sure John the CTO would be there to assist anyway and he is US based.

    I really don't think it gets any better than InterServer. I was with Burst.NET, Hostgator and a few other companies in the past but they don't really compare to InterServer. I'd like to try out OVH but I hear they're really bad when it comes to support etc so I probably won't, likely will just get a box from InterServer

    • Quality network
    • Fast and friendly support
    • No downtime or server problems
    • 24-7 support. Literally. I screwed up Apache at 6AM and it was resolved within 2 minutes of me opening a ticket.
    • Their cPanel licenses are $10 for VPS or $20 for Dedi (Internal)

    • Their non-COLO customers don't have roof access in their NJ Data Center with the beautiful views of the NYC Skyline ()

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    Agreed I have used Interserver and they really are amazing!
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