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    Question Required parameter missing: ns

    I am testing out my WHMCS installation with resellerclub. I have two nameservers in my configuration. I have setup my api key and reseller ID. My IP is also in the resellerclub api configuration.

    When I accept an order with the send to registrar ticked. The second nameserver is detected as invalid. These are the things I did to try resolve the issue.

    I tried removing it. It told me that a required parameter is missing.

    I tried switching the nameservers. The ns1 nameserver is detected as invalid.

    I even tried putting the name servers in different fields aside from the first two inputs. The second nameserver is detected invalid.

    My current WHMCS version is 5.2.14, I have a Leased license and is installed via softaculous.
    Anyone else encountered this issue?

    P.S. I actually posted already from the WHMCS forum but no one is replying in my post there.

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    Team ResellerClub

    Hey kapitanluffy,

    Could you please help us with the Domain Name and Nameservers details?

    You can also contact your ResellerClub Account Manager or email us at clientrelations[at]resellerclub[dot]com.

    Hope this helps
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    Are your NS values set as FQDNs? Also, have you registered the NS values with your registrar (where the base domain is registered)? - Take Control Of Your Backups!
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    Thanks for the replies. I already fixed it. The problem is in the nameservers. Testing orders in resellerclub must use a specific nameserver. That is why it is throwing me an error

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