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    Question: Obtaining and reselling SOCKS Proxies

    Hey there, sorry if this is the wrong section for this question!

    I'm looking to buy PRIVATE SOCKS proxies.
    These proxies must support SSL and work with a certain program I use, which accepts SOCKS proxies, but seems to be quite picky about which ones it plays nice with.

    What would be the best way for me to setup a system in which I can buy/create SOCKS proxies as needed (or in chunks) and then easily be able to resell them to other people.
    Ex: Something like WHMCS

    I have limited knowledge in this field, but I know there are sellers which are unbranded whom also have checkout sites though which I can easily sell them myself.

    Thank You!
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    Have you checked the Offers section?
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    You can contact vpn service providers which offers socks proxies.

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