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    how to move mysql data folder

    hi folks
    right now I have the default mysql configuration, thats why my data folder is over the /var/ partition,and since this partition is keeping without free space, I wanted to move my data folder to home

    than i try to backup all my mysql like instruction on here

    but nothing happen when i execute the order

    can anybody help
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    Are you getting any error message. If your websites working fine??
    That method is perfect.

    Restart mySQL after making change
    service mysql restart
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    Refer to for a detailed guide. I use this guide whenever I have to move the MySQL Data folder to another partition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by juvesun View Post
    but nothing happen when i execute the order
    What do you mean by nothing happened? Is it still bound to /var partition? Give more details, so that someone here can assist you.

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