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    Small Business with spare compute power...and no neon signs.

    Linology Networks

    I won't bore you with lots of bold colors and sparkly signs, and get right to the point. We are a small business that focuses on providing a personal,flexible, and sometimes strange hosting solutions to other individuals and companies. We fell away from the public market as the VPS boom (and lowend chase) went into full gear, and have no desire to return to that market. We do, however, at the moment have some spare compute power in one of our clusters located in Charlotte,NC. The network is extremely stable, and at present for the last 365 days the systems have only been bounced for maintenance, during which time all client traffic was live migrated to other systems with zero downtime.

    We wanted to extend a invitation to any businesses or individuals that have a unique build or environmental requirement, and would be interested in renting some of the spare capacity. Our environment is primarily XenServer based, with clustered storage, and can expand/contract to most requirements. We can also handle multi-tiered + distributed deployments where frontend+private backend(s) networks are required.

    Feel free to drop us a line with your questions and/or requirements, budget, and preferably a contact email/phone number. We prefer to deal with all of our clients directly, but also understand the need for partial anonymity in certain circumstances.
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