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    help dedicated box

    im looking to get a dedicated box to host a few gamer servers for css and battlefield etc. Except im not familiar with the kind of Specs i need. Can someone point to me what i need to look for in specs or reffer me to a good dedicated box for game servers?

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    sorry. any news out there???

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    You will not be able to host BF3 or BF4 servers as your need to be approved by EA however you can purchase a Dedicated Server from Gameservers or hypernia and since they are approved you can then host them.


  5. As GNG-Zane stated above you will be unable to host BF3 or BF4 on a Dedicated box but you would be able to host a CSS on a dedicated box but I would not recommend this due to the cost instead I would recommend that you find a GSP you can find plenty on these forums just look around it will be a lot cheaper than ordering a Dedicated box, it will also be a lot simpler.

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    A lot of providers for Minecraft (including us) use the Intel E3s and E5s due to their high speed per core, they've served us well and have handled high load perfectly, E3s and E5s are definitely the sort of processors you want to go for.

    If possible, you might want to try and use SSD or SAS drives for better performance, we use HDD in RAID 1 and the performance has been fine though, but if you're expecting a lot of players or have heavy large files, SAS (preferably SSD) would definitely give you better performance.
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    I have previously owned a Mine Craft hosting business and we particularly preferred the Intel Xeon E3-1270's due to their buffer size and speed per core. With a couple of SSD's for storage, you will have one sound gaming environment with no lag!

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    Are you looking to build custom gameservers and sell directory or you want to resell the gameservers ?

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