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    Lightbulb What plan should I get?

    Hello guys,

    I m thinking in migrating my sites to a VPS with a little less Ram then my unmanaged dedicated server.

    I currently own 70 websites with most of then with little traffic and the bigger ones with 15.000-20.000 daily visitores...

    I m not a host guru or anything, so I m not sure this would be a good move or not.

    I can get a managed VPS and have less trouble to fix issues
    Better configuration of the OS (I presume)

    IP Neighboors security

    Well, is there much difference in a VPS to a dedicated server?

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    VPS is easier to manage than a Dedicated Server, and OpenVZ is different to XEN.

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    IP neighbors won't matter much.
    And it's less likely with non-budget hosts. MediaTemple or LiquidWeb, for example.

    Dedicated server = dedicated hardware
    VPS = virtual hardware
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    As far as features go, you'll still get all of the root access features you would with a dedicated server. Just make sure your VPS will have enough CPU and RAM to handle all of your sites. You could take a look at HudsonValleyHost, I used them to host a large number of small websites and a few larger ones. They're quite affordable and comes fully managed.

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    @FelipeK, just be sure to examine your current resource usage (CPU, Memory, Disk IO, Network, etc.) before making the move. If your server has a lot of power to spare, a downgrade probably won't hurt much. With a quality provider there's a good chance that CPU (burst) and disk performance will improve (depending on your server configuration). Sustained CPU performance could drop (again depending on your current server configuration). - Take Control Of Your Backups!
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    I think you can go ahead with a vps rather than a dedicated server but make sure that the resources available to you is sufficient enough. There are many hosts available out here to suit your needs, just have a look over them.
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    70 websites on a VPS?
    I can just imagine the website configurations, given that most VPS have lots of limitations on CPU.

    The best VPS you could get has an equivalent of a dedicated server.

    If not for budget constrains I will advice you stick with a dedicated server.
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    I think you will be better off staying with the dedicated server you are on right now. Is there any specific reason why you are downgrading?
    You will see a difference from going dedicated to a VPS server.
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    Just analyse your current sum requirement of memory utilization on your dedicated server and compare with VPS . If all is set as per requirement. I would recommend to move. But still take a image backup of your dedicated server before doing an migration.
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    I agree with Hostnesta and Mike. You say you have 15000 uniques a day on the largest of 70 websites. That does not sound like something a cheap VOPS plan could handle and if you go for a high-end VPS, chances are you will only be saving pennies compared to a dedicated server.

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    First of all, like some other posts above. A low-end VPS will not be a good solution to your needs. And since you are not a host guru or anything. I would suggest that you buy a high-end managed VPS as it will be cheaper than a managed dedicated server. But if you aren't constraint on your budget then I suggest getting a managed dedi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FelipeK View Post
    Well, is there much difference in a VPS to a dedicated server?
    Yes, there is and it is the power resources assigned to you unlike VPS, it is shared.

    If you are just running basic sites, VPS is just fine but if you will grow sooner or later, then go straight to Dedicated server if you have the budget.
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