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    So many offers :O (looking for VPS)

    I am looking for a VPS, but there are so many offers in offer section of this forum. How do I go with one?

    I am looking for a small end Linux VPS for my private projects. Unmanaged one will do. Yearly 60-70USD will be fine for me.

    but how do I chose? how do I find good one? Cyber monday deals are about to finish and I dont want to miss... any help regarding this is appreciated

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    you do what everyone else does, you look through all of the offers, you find ones that sound interesting to you, and then you search the forums and google for reviews/information on the company. Then you choose one.

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    It's up to you to choose what host best suites your needs and wants. Do this it's similar to what Daniel b suggested. Search find atleast 4-6 hosts that catch your eyes now this may even be to much around 2-3 hosts it's good to do it with. Anyway your going to then select a few host write them down search reviews and anything that you can about them, then you'll compare all of the providers choosing the right provider at the end.

    Now your going to want to make sure you choose the right provider be sure to check then.

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    1) Check VPS section and make a short list of providers.
    2) Check WHT for their review.
    3) Make decision.

    Looking at your budget and requirement, I will suggest to check VPS
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    It depends on what specs you require. Do you have any location preferences?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ravi_9793 View Post
    Looking at your budget and requirement, I will suggest to check VPS
    ya, it looks fine! but couldn't find any coupons or discounts

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrapHost View Post
    It depends on what specs you require. Do you have any location preferences?
    Nope. I don't have any location preferences...

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    yes i m keep looking good quality tested VPS or reseller and sure atractive prices. but i found many bad comments about D.O.
    there is more than hundred service confused still..

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    That's correct.. it is quite challenging to find a reliable provider as there are many new hosts popping up every few days (and most of them die in few weeks/months). One factor that I'll recommend checking is longevity of business operation since it will attest the fact that they have been doing something right. Also, looking up of reviews here should be helpful too.

    Good luck with your search!

    - Ruchir
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    Thank you very much guys!

    I have decided to go with Ramnode. I checked out reviews and they are fine. So seems a reliable provider.

    In there plan, they have KVM vs Ovz and SSD vs SSD-cached... I am thinking to go with Ovz and SSD cached (I hope SSD cached is not very slow). Following is the config for 7USD/month (before applying any discount coupons):

    512MB CVZ-E5
    Starting from
    $7.50 USD
    512MB RAM
    512MB VSwap
    2 CPU Cores @ 2.3GHz+
    120GB SSD-Cached HDD Space
    1Gbps Port
    2000GB Bandwidth
    1 IPv4 Address
    16 IPv6 Addresses
    Monthly Remote Backups

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    That isn't bad at all. Glad to hear that you found your future provider I hope everything works out good between the both if you.

    Be sure to come back a few months from the time you sign up with them and leave/post a review on how their services and support is. You will help many people by this and them.

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    Thank you! ^will surely do

    But seriously I was getting headache looking at all offers threads. Wish there was a simple interface, where I could get ranked list of VPS providers, star ratings by WHT members, starting price etc.

    Anyways I have shot an email to support guys. Here are they (please answer unless they are not specific to RamNode):

    1. The package just mentions '1 IP4 Address', does that mean it's a public IP? and also, 16 IPv6 public IPs ?
    2. The package mentions 512MB, is it burst or guaranteed?
    3. I already have a shared hosting account, you guys do migration or I have to do by myself?
    4. Can I run multiple websites within same VPS? like,, etc
    5. All are ports are open? Or which ports are blocked? Can I ssh from this VPS to some other machine etc?
    6. Am I allowed to install whatever softwares/packages I want?
    7. Can I install databases and that can be accessed from outside this VPS?
    8. Is there any money back guarantee, if I am not happy with service

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    I sent an email to sales some 5 hours ago and also a PM here in WHT... still awaiting reply... If I don't get any reply within 24 hours, then I have to look for another provider... damn :|

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    You ask very basic things Ramnode is one of the good provider and i hope they answer you
    according to there offer 512MB is guaranteed
    Ramnode is unmanaged vps provider you have to do all the things like transfer sites
    I hope Ramnode will answer you batter on other things
    Best Of Luck!!!
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