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    147 extra bandwidth invoice for unmetered server

    Ive got two servers from Balticservers which I ordered from them a year ago. Today I paid an invoice (50.00 eur) with a description "Extra bandwidth". Since I didnt bother to check my bandwidth usage I just paid the invoice then after a few minutes I receive the same invoice for the extra bandwidth. So I then checked my previous paid invoices and I actually paid two invoices for "extra bandwidth" which last month and today. balticservers client area doesnt provide any way to view your current bandwidth usage but its a good thing I installed vnstat on my server to track my bandwidth usage and here's the output

          Jan '13     10.96 TiB |   10.59 TiB |   21.54 TiB |   69.09 Mbit/s
          Feb '13      7.49 TiB |    7.31 TiB |   14.80 TiB |   52.56 Mbit/s
          Mar '13      8.63 TiB |    8.54 TiB |   17.18 TiB |   55.08 Mbit/s
          Apr '13      7.28 TiB |    7.32 TiB |   14.60 TiB |   48.37 Mbit/s
          May '13      5.09 TiB |    5.15 TiB |   10.24 TiB |   32.84 Mbit/s
          Jun '13      5.78 TiB |    5.88 TiB |   11.65 TiB |   38.62 Mbit/s
          Jul '13      6.21 TiB |    6.22 TiB |   12.42 TiB |   39.84 Mbit/s
          Aug '13      9.04 TiB |    9.11 TiB |   18.15 TiB |   58.20 Mbit/s
          Sep '13     10.61 TiB |   10.70 TiB |   21.31 TiB |   70.61 Mbit/s
          Oct '13     12.94 TiB |   13.09 TiB |   26.03 TiB |   83.49 Mbit/s
          Nov '13     12.40 TiB |   12.69 TiB |   25.08 TiB |   83.13 Mbit/s
          Dec '13    982.69 GiB |  987.58 GiB |    1.92 TiB |   65.47 Mbit/s
    I can see that I have reached 26TB on October so that probably is the first invoice that I paid last month. The 25TB for November is probably the invoice that I paid today. So what is the new invoice that I received just after I paid the invoice today is that for September? And then I remembered that this servers are unmetered, I checked my order emails and the server was listed as 100mbit unmetered. I believe hosts offer unmetered services so that you wont be billed for any overage charge. So why are they charging me!!!

    I cant open a support ticket through their client area since their website stops responding after opening a few pages, its probably a sensitive firewall on their server.

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    I don't have any issues with the client area. I just checked.

    This sounds like a simple billing issue. You'll need to contact them. I've PM'd one of the BalticServers reps here for you.

    Support/billing panels rarely track bandwidth. You need to use a local panel for that. cPanel or Plesk, for example. Those will track usage. That's for you to install and monitor.

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    It would be interesting to look into it further why you could not create a ticket. If you would please write to us at [email protected] we could further check on the issue. Also we are currently working on showing the bandwidth graphs and used traffic in the client area.

    Regarding bandwidth, our Terms of Service ( states "Should your account pass fair-use rule (permanently using more than 20% assigned bandwidth and/or abuse network), we reserve the right to set limits the account until the start of the next allocation or until more bandwidth is purchased at an additional fee.".

    We usually charge 5 to 7 EUR for additional 1TB over your allowed 12TB. We are flexible with the limits - we did not charge for January, February, March, April, July, August and September (month when the servers were over the limit), but we have did charge in total 100 EUR for traffic - 50 for the month of October, and 50 for November (less than our minimum).

    Regarding the "unmetered" statement next to the bandwidth - we have changed the wording now, because we meant "unmetered" with us being flexible and the client somewhat applying to acceptable or fair use rules. The wording must've been lost in translation. Though again, we did not charge for bandwidth, until we've changed the wording, so as there would not be any misunderstanding. And again, from TOS - " reserve the right to change prices listed on, and the right to change the amount of resources given to plans at any time".

    On behalf of Balticservers, I'm sorry if this has caused any inconvenience - I truly think this is just a misunderstanding. I wish you would've contacted us first. Anyway, if there's anything else we can help you with, please write to us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to answer the arisen questions.

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