During this holiday season as Congress considers what to do about patent trolls (“patent assertion entities” for all you lawyer types), we thought it might be useful to look at the differences between helpful holiday elves and their pointy-eared cousins.

http://i2coalition.com/wp-content/up...ollGraphic.png1. Elves bring holiday cheer. Patent trolls bring lawsuits.

2. Elves help the economy. Patent trolls cost U.S. businesses at least $29 billion a year.

3. Elves build things. Patent trolls profit from what others build.

4. Elves work for Santa. Patent troll hide their identities.

5. Elves make lists of good little boys and girls to reward. Patent trolls make lists of good little businesses to punish, with more than half of the targets of patent lawsuits having less than $10 million in revenue.

6. Elves keep children happy. Patent trolls keep lawyers happy.

7. Elves promote innovation. Patent trolls impede progress.

8. Elves win smiles nearly 100% of the time. Patent trolls win just 9.2% of the cases that actually go to trial.

Join the elves and fight the patent trolls. Tell Congress to pass the Innovation Act of 2013.