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    Arrow Homepage Graphic Design

    I am looking for a graphic image to be created that will be the visual focal point of my homepage. The image must be large (approx 800x300/400), png for transparency and I must be provided the psd for post design edits. I am looking for something that with synch up with the rest of the page's design, however will be visually explosive. I am thinking of possibly a globe in the center than has cables coming out of it that plug into the background of the image to create an electrifying representation of global connectivity. I would like to spend up to $100.

    DO NOT PM ME! If you do I will delete it. - Post a portfolio of similar works and I'll send you a message if I am interested.
    To assume perfection is merely a display of ignorance.

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    Lightbulb Additional Note

    Just another thought would be to have several main page images that will rotate through display. Each of which could introduce a service offer or a brand feature.

    Cost would of course scale for multiple images. Looking for quality, in accordance with budget allotment. Upon portfolio approval and agreement of terms I can provide company information and required references in order to start the project.
    To assume perfection is merely a display of ignorance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DigitalCows View Post

    Are you looking for a custom illustration or image editing will work?

    Best regards!
    Originally I was thinking of a custom illustration, but with the additional request of multiple images for a slideshow someone with professional quality image editing/manipulation skills should be able to put together something for a professional setting that illustrates a service that the site visitor will be able to read from the picture in conjunction with hovering words.

    Initially, I would suggest 4 graphic images:
    First one revolves around the type of managed web hosting we offer.
    Second could be about the website builder that comes with hosting.
    Third could be displaying template availability.
    The last one could show our application support.
    To assume perfection is merely a display of ignorance.

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    Thanks for the updates. I replied your latest email with my portfolio and updated price.

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    At this time I am still searching for a designer that has experience working with businesses in this industry (and a portfolio that indicates).

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