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    Thumbs up Review: Known Host -- Give them a try

    I'm not yet a customer, but I'll likely soon will be. But more importantly, I've added them to the list of providers I'll be recommending to others on

    Customer service is important and it's important the host always put the customer first. Sometimes in the web industry, that means working well with others and not just when it suits you.

    A flaw I fear that many other web hosting service providers either forget or lack.

    From time to time, I help people on move their sites (I'm known as Adam Howard there). And this overall is a smooth and straight forward task. I'd argue that it has become second nature.

    Without going into in-depth details, as to respect the value and privacy of a 3rd party.... A reboot had not gone so well. It was not the fault of the host, the customer, or myself. It was simply bad timing between a running process. Any honest provider will tell you sometimes things go "bump" even when everything it correctly setup.

    The individual is in a different timezone than myself and even still, works long hours and so reaching them is a lot of hit and miss. Usually I end up speaking with them near past midnight (12 AM). This required me to contact the host so they could at least look into why the downtime. I after all, would not want them to return almost a day later to find themselves offline.

    Known Host was very professional. They did not disclose anything about the account, except for the reason why it had not completed the reboot cycle. And they were very upfront about that.

    But the key point is they had it up on 2 minutes (max). They actually looked into the matter and did not just brush me off, even though I was not yet a customer.

    As said, sometimes in this business it means working well with others. And it means doing what is right for the customer. Even when it maybe a little outside the norm. fits that bill nicely.
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    Thanks for the kind words.

    I believe its important to evaluate each scenario as it approaches and handle it accordingly.

    We look forward to having you join the KH family!
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