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    Question Tricky DNS Service

    I'm contemplating the idea of providing a DNS hosting service that is based on the idea that we could do tricky DNS stuff that isn't available elsewhere. It will have features like switching A records based on what servers are up or down, which isn't that tricky. but basically - we could do most anything. Time of day - day of week - rotating IP ranges - complex conditionals?

    This is something I already developed for my own spam filtering service so I would basically enhance this and offer it to others.

    So - my questions ...

    1) Is this something anyone would be interested in?

    2) If such a service existed to do conditional DNS processing - what would you want it to provide? What DNS switching issues are you currently looking to solve?

    Thanks in advance for your input.
    Marc Perkel
    [email protected]

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    The concept looks good where A record will change as per the server is up or down but in this case client will need to setup hosting at 2 places

    is that right ?

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    Example failover

    Yes - the DNS service would be for failover support so you would need a backup server to switch to.

    One other example, suppose someone has a server in their office and they have both a cable modem connection and a DSL connection for backup. If the cable goes down then the DNS system could switch the A record to the DSL IP and back when the cable is restored.
    Marc Perkel
    [email protected]

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    A number of providers already have a "failover" concept - Amazon Route53 has it and at least a few of the others (not sure which ones).

    The only other problem with complex conditionals is that DNS isn't queried each time, the results are cached, and some devices even cache inappropriately.

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    Exactly! Using dns to do fail-over isn't that practical.
    Still, it may be of use to someone.

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    Excellent idea, but it would need a dynamic backend like PowerDNS with gmysql backend, then a way to change it with configurable external health checks per minute.
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