My name is Tom Whiting. I've been doing business here and there for a number of years, and am looking to expand my horizons a bit, and to make a bit of money while doing so.

A bit about me:
I've been working in a Mysql/PHP environment since 2002. While I do know a few other languages, PHP and MySQL are where I've been focused on the past few years.
As well, I have a strong Linux background, focusing on that for close to 20 years
I've been working online in one form or another since around '95 and have spent the last 11+ years of my life making a living solely off of my own online business, managing and monitoring servers, providing support assistance, development, wherever my talents are needed among clients.

What I'm looking for :
Ideally, a full time position either doing remote administration, support, or development with a company would be great. Part time works as well. One off jobs will definitely be considered. As far as salary / price, this will completely and totally depend on the work needed, but full time work would start around $15-$25 / hr

cPanel / WHM
Since 2002, I've been working with cPanel servers as an administrator (root). I've been working with it on a user level for a year or two longer.

Linux - close to 20 years at this point, running mostly RH versions, but some slackware, mandrake experience, etc. A good portion of that was me running Linux strictly (no Win boxes at all at the time)

Windows - From a PC perspective, better than 30 years. From an administrative perspective, just a few months. I'm certainly no "pro" when it comes to windows servers

Programming - From the age of 8-10 (over 30 years now), I've been involved in programming in one form or another. Currently spending a good bit of time focusing on php/mysql projects, but nothing major

Software - Too much to name, but just a few here (in no particular order):
  1. vBulletin
  2. XenForo
  3. Wordpress
  4. SMF
  5. phpBB
  6. WHMCS
  7. CloudLinux
  8. Directadmin
  9. cPanel/WHM

Over the years, I've designed many import scripts, going from software like Modernbill to WHMCS, WHMCS to kayako, Modernbill to AWBS/DRAMS, etc. While this does take a bit of time to get done (right), it can be done usually. Just drop me a line and we'll see what I can do.

Freelancer VS Full Time
If a full time position is offered, and accepted, that will be the only company worked for. No new clients will be accepted, and I will ensure that there are no conflicts of interest with existing clients. If you hire me for a full time job, obviously, you expect me to work for you, not someone else, when paid. This is just a no brainer, but has to be covered

Remote VS Local
Remote is ALWAYS preferred, and more convenient for everyone involved. If you're after someone working local (full time only), relocation assistance would be required, and this would only be done after it is verified that we'd be a good fit for each other (at least 6 months).

It's not pretty, but it's available. Just drop me a line and ask for it.

What others have said:
Take a look here, here, here, here, here, here, here on freelancer, and through the various threads and whatnot linked here to see what customers have said about both me and my services.

Thanks for reading this. If you find something that interests you, please don't hesitate to contact me via any of the following methods:

Skype: twhiting9275
AIM : twhiting9275
gtalk : twhiting9275
email : tom -=at=- linux-tech -=dot=- net
phone: 866-546-8914 - Preferred at this time for all non development stuff.

or you could drop me a PM and I'll respond, though that might be a bit slow, since I don't login daily here (though lately I have been)