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    CheckPoint DDOS Protector 12412 - for smaller hosting provider - other suggestions ?

    Greetings everyone.

    I have stumbled upon, on one presentation od this device.

    I have a friend, that I would recommend him some kind of hardware equipment that will prevent his servers to be under DDOS attacks all the time.

    He has like 50 Physical Linux servers.
    Is this peace of equipment, ok for standard 80/443 and mail and mysql traffic in practice.

    Are there any other suggestions to protect a smaller hosting businees from DDOS attacks.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You can use Baracuda Devices for this.
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    everyone is forcing the software apache mod_security and fail2ban , but what are the pros and cons ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ultimo View Post
    everyone is forcing the software apache mod_security and fail2ban , but what are the pros and cons ?
    Mod_security will not help you against ddos attacks but against xss, mysql injections and common web applications exploits.

    If you want a good ddos protection on a software level, take a look at CSF and check its documentation.

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    It doesn't matter what "ddos protection device/hardware/software" you have - if you don't have the necessary bandwidth to actually "mitigate" (becaue you cannot STOP) the attack. Example: you have 10G uplink, you receive 11G attack = all your clients are down.

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    Great info guys.
    I have seen that some good hardware devices can mitigate large DDOS attacks.
    CSF looks promising, will look into it.

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    I would reccomend RioRey for protecting your infrastructure, we've been using it for more than a year and it's great.
    What attack size do you expect to mitigate ?

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    What's the attack size and type you're expecting and what's your budget? There is a variety of different options depending on the attack sizes and your budget and only if you answer these questions, we can make helpful suggestions. CSF won't help against any real DDoS attack.
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