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    37 - Find freelancing jobs in one page [split]

    Its alive! - Find freelancing jobs in one page

    Search multiple freelancing websites at one go, getting the results on a single page.

    Other Features:

    -its updated every 20 minutes
    -powered by sphinx search engine
    -powerful google like advanced search options, so you can even exclude results that are irrelevant for you.
    -ability to filter results based on budget, source and time.
    -just keep scrolling to load more jobs.
    -save search feature.

    Currently the site crawls through elance, odesk and freelancer. More sites could be added in the future.

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    Moved to website reviews.

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    thanks, it looks very useful link

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    The color looks dark...

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    Home page looks really poor... :/

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    Well, you should find another design :/

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