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    Need ideas for domain name.

    Sorry for the repost if anyone else has spotted this, but I posted a thread about this in the web-hosting sub forum but now I feel this is a more appropriate location:

    I can't link to the original thread due to having less than the required posts, and I don't want to made a redundant spam post so I'll post cliffs.


    Missed opportunity to own the domain name for my IP "Move Against Mediocrity"
    Already own a facebook page, email accounts, youtube channel and blog.
    Owner doesn't want to transfer domains to me. Decided to treat him like a cyber squatter.
    I don't want to change my IP/brand name, as I've had it in the works for a while.
    Need to come up with a domain name that doesn't differ too much from my intended name.

    What can you guys come up with? I have a few ideas but I can't settle on one.

    He owns (all .com's):


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    or just


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    Why don't you go for some ".net" options?
    If your website content is unique and attractive, it will automatically generate more traffic.

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    Like Christopher said, you can try a .net domain extension or you can try a brandable type of name like MAMVille, MAMcise, or YesMAM.

    In the end an abundance of useful content and resources along with good marketing make for a popular website.

    All the best in your project.

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