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    Generate .key from certificate file


    My client purchase ssl cert but they not purchase .key file. Is possible to generate .key from .crt file? I'm using web server apache on linux env. Please give advice.


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    If you fill in the crt's field with .crt, the .key will load automatically. Not sure if I am right, but this is what happened when I install SSL from within WHM.

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    Yes, if you are using WHM, the private key will automatically load if you have generated the CSR ( certificate signing request ) via WHM. Just use the SSL install utility from WHM , input your domain name into the corresponding text box and then hit autoload button. But, if you didn't use youe WHM to generate the CSR, this will not work. ".key" file is generated along with CSR and no need to buy it. It should be stored in a safe place and is necessary to install certificate. If you lost it, you will have to regenerate the SSL using a new CSR.

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    Our client server using physical server and not in Cpanel or WHM. But at the front our client F5 BIG IP LTM. Those cert and key to put there. But we have only cert file. That why i ask how to generate .key from .cert.

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    You have it backwards - the key is used to generate the csr, which in turn is used to generate the cert. The key must already exist on the server (or must have existed when the csr was generated). Look for .key files in /etc/httpd/conf. If you no longer have it you'll need to get the certificate reissued.

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    Solve. I generate csr and post on GoDaddy. After that it will create new cert that match with my csr and key file.

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