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    how to image float left and bottom with text wrap?

    I'm using joomla 3 to design a website. My client wants his text with a background image (bg.png). The background image have a photo of a person on its lower left and they want the text to wrap around the photo of this person.

    I have crop the photo of the person and save it as another image (image2.png) and fill the hole of the original image.

    HTML Code:
    <img style="position: absolute; bottom: 0px; left: 0px; " src="images/image2.png
    The problem with this is the text in now behind the image. Any ideas how the text to wrap?

    Another problem how do I set the background image so that it will fit the length of the text?

    NOTE: The width of the image is 960px and the background should not fill the whole web browser since it already have a different background-image.


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    Not sure if this would work, but look into setting a z-index value.
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