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    E3/E5 processors vs Dual L5639

    I am currently looking at picking up a Dell Poweredge C1100 with Dual L5639 processors (2.13Ghz Hexacore) as I will be using this for hosting nodes.

    Would a VPS machine benefit more from the lower clock dual hexacore processors (48GB RAM/RAID-10 Drives), or would I be better suited going with a single E3-1270v3 (Quad 3.5Ghz) or a E5-1650 (Hexa 3.6Ghz)?

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    Don't get too hung up on the Processor. You are going to hit IO limits first and then bump up against RAM next in most cases.

    The E-3 limits you to a Max of 32G, so keep this in mind.
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    I would go for E5 and make sure you have at least Raid10 with enterprise drives or SAS/SSD depending on your market plan.
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    Yeah, E3 have max 32GB of RAM.

    Everything depends on your budget. Maybe it is better to look at Dual E5-26XX solution for example?
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    tHe makes a very good point on the I/O limits of the hard drive. The E5 is my favorite as have many real time results meaning live server. I would go with dual Hexa over the single E3 but then again it really all depends ho the server is setup from a hard drive standpoint.

    Regardless from best to worst(worst not being bad at all)

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    For me it would better you choose e5 or l5639 cpu and use ssd for your hdd (raid 1 would be enough)

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    l5639 is not listes in intels website? cant find any specific detail about that. and about other two e5 are newer and better.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Price is definitely a factor here (failed to mention that), where I can get the Dell C1100 (Dual L5639/72GB DDR3 ECC RAM) for 600$, and just add the drives, where the E5's are going to be that much for just a single processor, making the price differences between that and an E5 incredibly different.

    With that taken into account, the 2xL5639/72GB RAM/4x 240GB SSD RAID-10 configuration would probably be the best option wouldn't it?
    @reldegart - The L5639 wasn't released for purchase standalone from what I understand. I believe it was only available to certain manufacturers (Dell/etc) why it is difficult to find too much information on these.

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    The Nehalem processors are 5 years old. I'd go with something newer - personally the E3.

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    As budget is a factor go with Dual L5639.

    However my recommendation would be to go with E5 as the processor is newer.

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    Single Xeon E3 12xx v2/v3 would easily beat dual Xeon L5639 on any day.If you have more budget go with E5

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    Considering workload for VPS parallelizes fairly well, the higher number of slower cores of the L5639's makes sense. The TDP (2x 60W) compares well against an E5 16xx (130W TDP), although loses out by a good bit to an E3 1270v3 (80W).

    To be honest though, with 3x disks per node, you're going to be short on disk I/O unless you go all SSDs. With hard drives, you'd want at minimum 4x drives in RAID10. You'd probably be able to max out I/O on 8-12 drives before the L5639's would be the bottleneck.
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    The problem with the old processor is not speed, which I think I look up a similar situation last month and found the old duals to do pretty much a bit more than a single new one, but the fact that old hardware is OLD HARDWARE and is more prone to failure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reldegart View Post
    l5639 is not listes in intels website? cant find any specific detail about that. and about other two e5 are newer and better.
    The L5639 is not likely to show up on Intel's site as it is an OEM-specific processor.

    It is 6-cores per CPU with HyperThreading at 2.13 GHz, so it is 2 extra cores per CPU over the L5630.
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    The Nehalem's are 5 years old but the L5639 was released in 2010 I believe, where this puts most builds somewhere in '11 most likely (couple years old).

    Personally I've never purchased used servers/hardware before as I do agree it is scary since they are more prone to failure. It does make for a strong option though when a full build (2x L5639/72GB RAM/Mobo/Chassis) that just needs drives is the same price as just the E5-1650V2 Processor.

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    Dual L5639: 9495 Passmark pt.
    Xeon E3 1240 V3: 9866 Passmark pt., lower consumption, newer

    Personally I'd go with Xeon E3.

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    it depends if you need cores vs a high single core clock speed. the e3 is probably better overall though. and yea dont forget about power use.

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