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    Exclamation Beware of Hosting service that offers wallet payment system –Refund would be to your

    There are some hosting service that would encourage you to use their wallet system and you could have at least 15% credit more base from your payment which you could use to purchase another services like you could see in . offered such promo that if you will reload credit to your wallet, then they will give you 15% more credit BUT.. if you don’t like the service, your refund would only return back to your wallet and not to your bank account. Their wallet system though will give you 15% - 50% more credit but it would just make you stick to their service until all your credit would be use up.

    So if you want to have a full refund back to your account, never use there wallet system
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    That makes sense not to apply a credit/wallet system. That reminds me of those folks that scam people into fronting money and then taking the money. Not saying this company did that but logically doesn't make sense if they will not refund you the credit.
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    Thumbs up Wallet system

    1 time I insisted of asking refund back to my bank account but my mistake was I did not read the wallet system agreement. It says that When I will reload my wallet then automatically I could have bonus of like 15% to 50% credit depending on the amount but Refund for wallet reload is not allowed. I clicked agree for such agreement so I don’t have choice so it makes legal.

    Lesson is before purchasing anything, be sure to read the agreement because in their payment system could be 2;

    • one is pay directly though e-money or credit card and they will fully refund 100%

    • Second is use a wallet and earn credit every reload to purchase services but no refund to the bank account if you will purchase any services but just back to your wallet.

    And I noticed also there are several hosting service like using a wallet system so heads up.. read first if you could encounter a term wallet payment system because commonly the wallet system is different from direct payment. Refund is possible for any purchase using wallet but the refund will be just back to your wallet not to your bank account because its already a third party.

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    Lesson mentioned many times on this forum learned the hard way - before clicking "read and accept", just read it damn it.

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    Lightbulb Lesson form Wallet system

    I didn't know about this forum before. I am just newbie. After such trouble I encountered, I start searching about discussion related to web hosting and landed here so I joined and start talking.

    If and only if I found this site before, I think I could have idea, though I would agree, I am so fool about law and agreement.. its the reason why I just click and agree without reading it.. like installing software in your pc, the agreement is too long, I need to spend half and hour to read all the terms and condition and only little comprehension of their terms.. terms and condition also so annoying, so time consuming ... better for them to write in few words as summary for the payment terms and service terms .

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