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    dedicated server for email marketing

    I want to start a email marketing business for my clients.

    I need to send 50k emails / day.

    I need to know what web hosting companies offer dedicated server with some spam tollerance.

    Some of my clients own lists more than 100k emails.

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    i think its not easy to find dedicated server plans with spam tolerance, but its better if you join as reseller with another email marketing provider like cakemail so you can bring current customer and make profit with them.

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    Do you have more dtls about which server configuration , budget and location you need?
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    try china server, china server usually not so strict on email marketing

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    China Server requires you to declare what the server runs so dont think it is an easy option.

    Maybe it is better to let us know what budget you have for this so we let you know what you can get from that budget.
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    my buget is 100-150$ / month... but after I reach some customers I can think renting more servers....

    I prefer servers in China or India

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    Omg, please stop spam our mailboxes!!!

    This is really not good for data centers, because IP's becomes dirty, also spamhaus listings, history, etc. - Own data center operator in europe since 2005
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