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    * VPS BOLT - Review

    Hi All,

    I know I come and read reviews of providers here and it has been very helpful for us!

    To pass along our benefit to others I want to put up a short review of VPS BOLT.

    We are hosted at VPS BOLT for just over 1 year now. First the service is great it just works! The have been a few quick hiccups but Dustin (owner?) was extremely fast to deal with them and get everything running smoothly again! With hosting there will be the occasional hiccup and I don't blame any hosting company for this; the service in how it is dealt with is the proof of how much VPS Bolt cares for its customers.

    We are really happy with vps bolt and wanted to let you know of the quality of their service! We don't work for them just happily hosted by them.

    vpsbolt com

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    Good to know that you are happy with them & thx for the review as it could be halpful for many people looking for hosts.

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    Dustin seems to be the contact on their WhoIS, though his address seems to be One Park Tower in downtown Atlanta.

    How'd you hear about vpsbolt? You've been a member since April 2011 and after all these years just now decided to grace us with your presence and post a VPS review?
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    Honestly I don't know much about the company structure. I have used their live chat a few times and have had different employees help me.

    I did a bunch of searching for a vps company that had a large storage space allotment. We run Active Collab on the vps and need something that clients can upload files to... Really don't need a dedicated server but storage is an issue often. Shared server space does not give us the resources we need and most vps just don't have enough storage space. I wish Active Collab would implement S3 storage then this would become a non issue... Anyway VPS Bolt was a good choice for us. To be honest I was a bit worried about its to good to be true and all that. I have found them to be really great! For us its a fantastic solution.

    Yeah I have been a member here for a while, I'm a lurker what can I say... My mom always said if you don't have anything nice to say . We have been through our share of crappy hosts. VPS Bolt and Dustin are great so thought I would post to help others that may be in the same position as us; as well as give VPS Bolt a nod for doing a great job.

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