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Thread: disk partition

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    disk partition


    I'm gona to install SolusVM with the OpenVZ. I have a 1TB Hard Drive.

    What is the best disk partition for OpenVZ ?

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    SolusVM has specified the best partitioning setup for OpenVZ here: - Specializing In Dedicated Servers and Financial Hosting
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    Keep your hardware in mind when provisioning these days...
    If you've got a huge hunk of RAM in the machine, it's hard to justify their standard /swap "2xRAM" rule. How much physical memory are you working with? Business/Hosting sales, internal company, or private/personal use?

    With a 1TB disk, you'd probably be fine with something along these lines:

    - 10 GB allocation for /
    - 350-500 MB allocated to /boot
    - swap will vary depending on your machine
    - remaining disk allocated to /vz

    If you're going to offer VSwap compatibly, remember that with OpenVZ virtual servers, swap is basically just slow memory -- a mathematic "simulation" of how a VPS or Dedicated Server would perform when resources are low. Because this is "simulated swap", disk I/O won't be cause for concern unless you're globally short on resources, At that point, actual swapping will be invoked.

    If you've installed 32GB for example, you likely won't need 64GB of swap and will probably be fine on a 5 to 15 GB swap reservation depending on what you'll be using the server for.

    Good luck!
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    Is it for hosting? how many VPS's?
    I would recommend to use RAID
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hannan View Post
    Is it for hosting? how many VPS's?
    I would recommend to use RAID
    +1 on this.

    Hardware raid 10 is even better for selling vps.
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    Planing to run 20 30 VPS containers

    Quote Originally Posted by net View Post
    +1 on this.

    Hardware raid 10 is even better for selling vps.

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