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    1H Guardian vs Nagios Enterprise

    Greetings everyone.

    I would like to ask the people that is using the 1H Guardian/Hive and Hawk managament/security software for theirs physical servers.

    I am helping my friend that has a small amount of servers, and is offering hosting, is it worth while bying the Guardian/Hive/Hawk combination. Is it automated, stable?

    Or should people stick with Nagios/Centron/Cacti, and old fashion scripting and a lot of manual fighting with DDOS and similar attacks.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    We used 1H before and due to some incompatibility with our servers, we stopped using it but seems in some servers work as well but for DDoS we recommend network based protection and no script based protection.

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    Ok. Do not mind DDOS, but with the combination of Ubuntu and LAMP setup, with VPS and shared hosting is it much better than Nagios. I see it offers some self repair systems.

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    You cannot compare 1H Guardian with nagios. Nagios comes with just network monitoring and alert, where Guardian monitor configured services every .5 secs and restart them and it is installed on each servers; it is also loaded with a load management algorithm as well. But someone here reported that HIVE doesn't protect from the Apache symlink issue ( like CloudLinux can do via SecureLinks ). Also HAWK is like CSF, but add some graphing to the system. Anyway you may try them and see how beneficial for you. Good Luck with it

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    Ok. Thanks for the info. Why did your company stopped using it. Was it a hosting company? It is a real problem to setup all the servers and rely on 1H and then see that is not ok for the company.

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