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    Question to OVH about new line of dedicated servers

    I do not understand french a lot so I used translation to understand the new line of servers. If ovh can clear up some of these question that would be great.

    1-Where is the professional use option, I do not really see it on the site now or on the order pages.
    2-Other than hardware what is the differences between enterprise lines and hosting lines and infrastructure. All I see is that you put the max number of allowed ips in hosting.
    3-In hosting ips when it for example says 16+32 ips offered does that mean A) that we can not purchase mutltiple smaller subnets to get the same number of ips? B)we no longer need professional use to purchase these ips?
    4-Can I fail over ips from old eg servers to new servers on ovh?

    I am a loyal customer and I even wrote about wanting you to sell again << snipped >> but the new line confuses me a bit.
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    Compared to their old ranges, their new ranges are pretty much awful and cost more, as well as the setup fee. I think the majority of their clients are migrating to providers such as

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    I got an answer from them here it is
    ( basically there is no need for professional use option, the hosting line gets a set number of ip that you only pay a setup fee not monthly fee for after this set limit you pay montly )

    Dear Customer,

    1. The professional use option is no longer required on the OVH branded servers. All additional options can be purchased per the cost listed on our website plus any installation fees.

    For example there is a one Euro installation fee per IP. This is a one off charge and is required on the IPs offered on the Hosting range of servers. All servers are delivered with one IPv4 including the Hosting Range. After delivery you can order additional IPs for all ranges, Enterprise, Hosting and Infrastructure. For the Hosting range you can order up to the the limit offered on each server offer and only be required to pay a one time installation fee per IP. If you require additional IPs for a Hosting range of server, more than what is included in the offer, you will be required to pay the one Euro installation fee plus the monthly cost.

    2. Each offer is aimed at severing a particular type of customer and need. As you have pointed out there are differences in hardware and the amount of IPs included with each offer. The Enterprise and Infrastucture do not include any IPs but IPs can be purchased as an option. The hosting offers include additional IPs and blocks. The number of IPs varies depending on the offer. As mentioned earlier, the Hosting offers are only delivered with one IPv4. Customers will need to activate the IPs that are included in the offer as needed and pay the installation fees. Another difference in offers is that the Enterprise offer includes vRack option.

    3.You can purchase smaller subnets up to the maximum number of IPs in block form on the Hosting offers.

    For Example:


    includes 16 IP individual IPs + 32 IPs from IP blocks

    You can purchase one /27 = 32 IPs or any combination that adds up to 32 IPs.

    4 IP bloclk /30 x 8 = 32 IPs in block form

    16 IP block /28 x 2 = 32 IPs in block form

    And so on.

    4. IPs can be moved from OVH to OVH servers. You shouldn't have an issues moving an IP from an older EG offer to the new OVH branded sever offers.

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact OVH support.

    Have a nice day.

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