I'm looking to expand my knowledge in all areas of web hosting by offering my skill-set in exchange for hosting and experience.

Skills I Have:
  • Worked as level 3 and 2 support for a few different Web Hosts.
  • Medium Knowledge of linux server adminstration. (Install/debug/modify services) Very comfortable with linux command line.
  • Medium to advanced knowledge of PHP/Mysql.
  • Medium to advanced knowledge of Cpanel/WHM.
  • Medium knowledge of Photoshop.
  • Advanced Knowledge of xhtml,css,javascript.
  • Advanced knowledge of forum scripts, phpbb, vbulletin, IPB etc.
  • Medium to Advanced knowledge of setting up game servers. Windows and Linux.

Areas of which I wish to expand my knowledge:
  • Virtualization. All types, Linux and Windows.
  • Work more with Control Panels such as Directadmin, Plesk.
  • Optimization and Hardening of servers.
  • Kernel Updates/Upgrades. More advanced linux administration.

I can manage live chat, support tickets, server setup, troubleshoot, web development/integration of custom scripts.

I'm a freelance web developer so I'm very flexible for work hours and can change it to fit your needs.

What I want in exchange any work I provide:
Experience and the chance to learn/improve my skillset.
Either a Dedicated Server or a VPS to host my clients websites on.

I'm based in the West Coast, USA.

PM me if you are interested.