Our location - Hungary, Budapest, our datacenter - Dataplex Secure-IX
The following Dedicated Servers range features professional high-quality servers with 100 mbit/s unmetered connections!
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Supermicro Centauri V3:
1x Intel Xeon E3-1230v3 3.3GHz (4C/8HT)
8GB DDR3 ECC RAM (Upgradeable up to 32GB)
1x1TB HDD SATA3 (Configurable MAX 2 3.5" or 4 2.5")
1x120GB SSD SATA3 (Configurable MAX 2 3.5" or 4 2.5")
Software RAID (0/1/10)
Anytime KVM access using OOB Management
Up to 10 GBIT/S Unmetered connection (100mbit/s included)
Setup within 1 work day
Order now €117.3EUR VAT excl. or €99.7EUR if ordered for 3 months

All servers include:
Setup within 1 work day
Full Root & KVM access with power options
Free 2 IPv4/32 addresses
Free 1 IPv6/64 subnet
Free 24/7 Support (Phone/E-Mail)
Free OS Setup & Control Panel
More than 120 Gbit/S Network
Up to 10 Gbit connection to the Internet
Up to 99.995% Availability Guarantee
Monthly payment & No minimum contract period
Fixed price for the whole period
Server Location in Central Europe - Hungary
Secure Tier 3+ Datacenter in Budapest
Service Level Agreement (SLA) options
Administration options available
6 hour Hardware breakdown exchange 24/7
Full N+1 redundancy
BGP capability

DTAG (Deutsche Telekom) (parent network)
INIT7, Verizon, Hurricane Electric, GlobalCrossing, Level3
Telia, Cogent, Tiscali, RETN, NTT Communications, CTBC Telekom, TATA Communications
Abovenet, Sprint, Qwest, Savvis, AOL, AT&T
& Many More

Upgrades available:
Memory 12 to 24GB
HDD 4 up to 8
Connection 100 mbit/s unmetered up to 10 gbit/s
Administrative support
SLA levels

1 month - no discount
3 month - 5% discount per month (Supermicro Centauri - 15%)
6 month - 10% discount per month (Supermicro Centauri - 20%)
12 month - 15% discount per month (Supermicro Centauri - 25%)
24 month - 20% discount per month (Supermicro Centauri - 30%)
36 month - 25% discount per month (Supermicro Centauri - 35%!!!)
All of the prices listed here are exclusive VAT, on the website VAT inclusion is indicated.
If you are an EU citizen without VAT ID, then 27% VAT should be applied at the prices represented here.

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Speed check & QOS:
10MB file
100MB file
1000MB file

Additional information:
Telephone: +36 1 607 65 56
E-Mail: [email protected]