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    Need a VPS Game server

    Hi guys, Need a litle hand,
    Ordered a VPS server frm here off an non named comapny, which at this momnet is causing serious lag with our players

    We use a small software called sphereserver for ultima online old game but we have a player base of around 30-40 players.

    We need a vps that has windws vnc remote desktop. stable and fast connection and a resonable spec and bandwidth, Budget about 20 per month.

    With our current provider, we get a ping of 53ms but at certains times during the day game play comes to a halt lag is losing us players

    Oh and we are based in Europe So VPS for us would be better in Europe

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    Do you have specifications (RAM / HDD / CPU / etc) for your requirement? Was the lag caused due to slowness of VPS or that of network?
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    I think that you may need to raise your budget a bit. I dont know what type of games your are running on your current container but 30-40 players is quite high.

    The delay (ms) may be low but if the provider oversell their resources is more likelly to face bad performance during some times of the day.

    I dont know your requirements in RAM HDD etc but a good choise for your bugdet would be

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    Budget about 20 per month
    the specifications will be great to know. Do you need managed or unmanaged service?

    With our current provider, we get a ping of 53ms but at certains times during the day game play comes to a halt lag is losing us players
    have you contacted current provider about the issue?
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    for gaming ping latency is the king

    try to get the vps as near to your players as possible

    of course decent cpu and enough ram is important as well
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