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    Website Penalized- Options for my site

    Hi there,

    One of my client's website providing training courses online is penalized as can be clearly seen on webmasters due to manual spam.
    I am looking for clearing old backlinks, but I know this thing is not going to work as it is difficult to clear Google penalties.

    I want to know- If I change the domain of the website, is it going to help. Also should I apply a redirect from older domain to new one or should I avoid any redirection and start fresh?

    Please suggest!
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    Hi in my opinion you start a new domain for the and after that add your website in webmaster tool so at that point of view all that broken links, and virus easy way check out in that tools..
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    Changing the domain with a redirect means you just inherit all the crap backlinks that got the penalty in the first place .... so not it won't help.
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    Would suggest you to remove all your irrelevant and low PR links. And come up with fresh content on your site and do also change in structure of your site and let Google know all you changes and keep on doing your web site promotion through blog or from RSS feed that will help you.
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    You should try to optimize whole website again and again you need to upload meta for you all pages. After you submit your website in search engine and you can start seo offpage work.
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    You must read the message from google after the penalisation and should work over it.
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    The only option you can think is to remove toxic links. Even if you use 301 to new domain, that won't help.

    Starting from scratch may be option but may require you a lot of patience and efforts.
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    Only way is to start almost from scratch, if client want to keep existing domain, you will need to clear bad backlinks, also change your website structure, and kep on manual link build,
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    The best advice is:

    Change hosting with another ip.

    check that the hosting server or have good connection is fast and web load.

    I recommend you also download all your web page to your computer and analyze a web antivirus as kasperksky and also you can try malwarebytes.
    check your website if you have iframes, base64, weird codes.

    analyzes your website for viruses:

    You can also analyze your seo web with this tool:
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    Is it spam from linking in what Google defines as the 'bad neighborhoods'? If yes, you'll likely have to start with new domain, IP address, and entirely different web content.
    You may be able to do it by removing bad links pointing at your site; worth a try before starting all over again.
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    You do not need to start a new domain name. In google webmaster go to sites that link to you. Identify the websites that you think could be the reason for the penalty. List the websites in a notepad and upload it to the Disavow list.

    Google will look into the list and within 2-3 weeks your website will be searched as normal.
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    I need to say that G sometimes take your list of URLs to consideration sand sometimes when you upload your list, and moths and months are passing and nothing but happening...
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