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Thread: IP blacklist

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    IP blacklist


    I just bought a server from, and it looks good...

    But checking the IPs given to me with this tool they appear in 3 blacklists.

    Does anyone know what can i do about it?

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    1. You can ask your provider to talk to the blacklisted parties to request for release
    2. You can ask your provider to change IP if 1. is not an option
    3. You can directly talk to those blacklisted parties and tell them you are the only one using this IP and tell them what you are doing
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGotzmann View Post
    What made you even check? How do you know those blacklists are even effecting you?
    emails are going to spam folder.

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    the best way is to contact your host to change the new IP for you, if the blacklist happen before you receive the server
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    Quote Originally Posted by linuxdev View Post
    emails are going to spam folder.
    This could also be due to other factors just as a incorrect set up.

    Some of the blacklists can be safely ignored but if it concerns you perhaps list them and talk to the vendor about it. | Tennessee Based Hosting Provider.
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    Best option will be to ask your hosting provider to solve this issue for you, which they should. And by observing how the will treat you in this situation you will be able to evaluate if they will be a good partner for your business or not.

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    You should really check the IP's in SPAMHAUS for the first time... that's what gmail, yahoo, etc use.

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    yes, check with your provider, if they are fresh ips not used by other client, they should be clean. It is a joke to provision new ips that at blacklisted.

    check spamhouse to see if they are blacklisted and why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by digitalvalley View Post
    It is a joke to provision new ips that at blacklisted
    That's exactly my feeling as a customer. I'm tired of fighting with providers, i believe the best option is simply not renewing my service with server305.

    Anyone knows any good provider in Miami with minimum 8GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, 1 gbps uplink, 10TB bandwidth, and of course CLEAN IPs?

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    You may sk your provider to assign you clean IP addresses first, rather than moving to a new host. if they can assign you new IPs and provide you good level of service, you may stick with them.

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    Thumbs up IP Blacklisted

    Yes, some cases are like this. You could have a blacklisted IP. Some other countries also blacklisted your IP if such IP have history of any attack like hacking crimes etc. To check also the Status of your IP, you could try to visit

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    Just saw this thread as we don't check in all the time. Just open a ticket with support and ask for a clean range and we will issue it to you right away.

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    You can remove the blacklists yourself as well. I use this site to check my IPs.

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