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Thread: Fully Managed?

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    * Fully Managed?

    Hi all.

    I would like to start a discussion on Fully Managed VPS deals and what does really Fully Managed mean for you.

    When you hear Fully Managed VPS, what does come to your mind?

    I have had my fair share of Fully Managed providers and all have failed to fully manage the VPS.

    So, why do we call it Fully Managed when we cannot provide truly Fully Managed solution?

    I mean, am I the only one that is misunderstanding the meaning of Fully Managed service? Am I to blame for thinking "Fully" means "partially"? I mean is this some type of trick to get you to buy things that you not gonna get?

    I am confused really.

    I mean there are many of us here that don't have time to administer their own servers and we gladly pay extra buck for the "Fully Managed" solutions that we rarely get.

    So, why then we are not getting our Fully Managed if we bought it?

    I don't mean to start a flame war or trolling, I am just not sure I understand if my Fully Managed requirements are my own deception and mislead?

    I really would like to get your personal opinion on this as customers but I would like to get the Service Providers to have their say as well as to what they consider they can do or not in order to get a "Fully Managed" flag.

    I appreciate your reading into my ranting and I hope to find at least one person that sympathizes with me (or not). At least it will help me get my expectations lower and not get pissed when I don't get my "Fully Managed" cents worth.


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    Terms and conditions for fully managed vary from host to host. Please ask for job list to understand more of their service coverage. I believed this is best way to go. :: Cloud Hosting Reliable Xen VPS :: Serving Customer From More Than 40 Countries.
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    Every host likely has their own definition of what "fully managed" is.

    It is often best to contact them with your questions and expectations of what Fully Managed means to you.

    One thing I didn't seem to notice in your post here is; What are you expecting from a Fully Managed provider that you feel they are not providing and they should?

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    Some managed service offer very limited help.

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    Yep, I can sympathize with you. Like "cloud", "fully-managed" is a term that means different things to different people, but whereas "cloud" is just a made-up term (in this context) "fully-managed" has meaning. People intuitively understand what it should mean so they're likely to be disappointed when someone else's definition is different to their own...

    FWIW I think "proactive" is the best term to differentiate between different offerings. If you're looking for something like the way a reseller server is managed (as reseller you're responsible only for dealing with your clients) then proactive management is what you need. In this case you may also want to consider providers that don't offer root access, so you're effectively buying a reseller account that occupies the entire server / VPS. This type of account isn't all that common, surprisingly - TBH I don't see how it's possible to offer true full management any other way.

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    Fully managed VPS tend to lean toward more full control and hands off. That means you are hands off and the host is more in control in terms of optimizing the server. Is that what you are confused about?
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    In the European market that i know, normally, fully managed is a term that is abused by many hosters to attract more customers. Many companies started to claim "fully managed servers" when in reality they offered very basic services like "reboots, bug/OS updates,basic monitoring".

    What we normally did, for example, was to offer x HOURS of support that included everything related to the OS level. Hardware and network was always included. Third party apps or custom installations could be included in the package.
    Once those hours were finished, we could charge the clients on a hourly basis or the client could upgrade to a higher support plan. We will inform the client about the hours used in his plan.
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    i think fully managed meaning as included
    OS +
    cPanel(or something else montly price)+
    ssl +
    dedicated ip +
    backup service +
    security ware +

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    There are many levels of "Fully Managed" solutions out there, and the only true way of knowing is if the companies definition is the same as yours. When dealing with Fully Managed you have Proactive and Reactive. Proactive is where the host will resolve issues without you even notifying them, whereas Reactive is an issue is resolved when it is brought to the support staff.

    Outside of these definitions there are are also different lays of support. some companies only support the Network, Hardware, OS, and Control Panel layer. In most cases you will be required to run an authorized control panel in order to get Fully Managed Support, but then again it all matters on what is the top layer of support you are looking for.
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    YEs, the pro-active philosophy is quite important and having a high degree of automation to monitor events and resolve some of them is also key. Since the Ops guys can wake up at night when problems appears, they are the first interested in having a proactive-mentality to reduce risks.

    In Europe with Low-cost hosting companies the client expects a VPS fully managed for 10 euros/month, which is something not true, obviously.

    Some companies also restrict the SSH access if the client wants a fully managed solution so the hosting provider does not need to clean the possible problems or mistakes the cliend could have.
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    Lots of good replies guys, thanks.

    I had run-ins with few European fully managed companies, where they didn't even do initial WHM configuration. I mean, how hard it is to make client feel like he is getting their money's worth?

    Money is not a problem, I will always gladly pay more but to have a stressful life, honestly.

    When we talk about 3rd party apps, this is when it always gets tricky. I mean, common, its not a rocket science to install and configure something. For a linux guru its matter of minutes and for the person who is not, it takes ages and most probably they will frack something up in the process and just make more work for support to fix it.

    In my case, I always need 3 things installed, FreeNX, TeamSpeak 3 and OpenVPN. I believe, these three are the most common 3rd party apps that people desire on their servers.

    Take example of my current "Fully Managed" provider.

    I asked for these three apps to be installed. They said ok.

    1. They installed FreeNX with Gnome, didn't work. I told them what the problem was, no response. Naturally, I just undid what they installed by using good guy google and installed it myself using some tutorial I found on the internet. It did take me 2 hours, but I did it.
    2. They installed TeamSpeak 3 server and reported it as finished. When I asked for the admin token, that you get during installation, they told me to ask TeamSpeak people how to get it *wtf?* Oh, and the best part, they installed an *alpha* version of TeamSpeak 3 server which is at least 1 year old.
    3. Didn't even install OpenVPN and no justification was given.

    Don't get me wrong, I did ask in pre-sales if they allow these three apps on their server and the answer was yes.

    So, I took a half day off from my crazy busy work, and I installed FreeNX and TeamSpeak again, after removing their work and voila, it all worked perfectly.

    Now, I installed OpenVPN after hours of trouble, and it finally installed, but I had problem. When I connected, I just couldn't open any websites while connected. So, I asked them to reinstall it for me and install it again;. After a day or so, they did and they sent me ca and crt files, but without .ovpn file. When I asked them for it, they sent me a link for OpenVPN community to search for answers there. So, I spent another day or so looking for the answer and when I finally managed to connect again, I couldn't open any webpages. Now, be are back at where we began. So, I just gave up.

    And to top everything up with a cherry and icing, they somehow leaked my root password which they keep in their whatever, and I got a login notification and immediately asked them, as the IP looked strange, their answer was, oh it seems your password leaked somehow, please change it again and keep it for yourself !!! *wtf?* *MEGA LOL!* Right in that sentence they admitted the password got leaked and that I should keep it to myself, as apparently it is not safe with them.

    And the worst part, I cannot get a refund, as they don't offer refunds on VPS, so I am stuck until the end of the year with them. And I paid a very nice sum of money to them.

    All this, my friends, is the situation with my current "Fully Managed" VPS.

    I have many more stories from previous providers, but you get the picture.

    I was just curious on other testimonials and experience with other Fully Managed VPS companies.

    So, if the above is the definition of Fully Managed Provider and the standard for all of them that offer such service, I better get unmanaged provider and save some money and learn linux and do it myself.

    I appreciate your thoughts and replies.

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