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    Liquidweb company Review?

    Today I'm in the 7th year with liquidweb company. I started with liquiedweb $209/m server and then moved to stormondemand when they started their cloud based hosting. Now I'm paying $120/m.

    After I moved to liquidweb, I never looked at another hosting company to move. I know there are many hosting companies offering deals(75% off) and discounts and I can get a server with advanced specs than I have for 1/3 of the price I'm paying now.

    The reason I'm(was?) with them is their SUPPORT.
    ----- Their name "Heroic Support" says it all ----------

    - The server was never down
    - In few minutes, I got replys to my tickets
    - They never told me that its not covered in their support
    -- whatever I asked, install script/modules, restore from backup, ... all done in less than an hour.

    Also I want to upgrade to a high end servers with CDN after I finish the project I'm doing now in Jan/Feb.

    Here I've to tell that I don't pay on the billing date. I've even on 3rd month(after they suspended my server).

    Last month they suspended my server and I paid half of what I owed and made arrangement to pay the rest on a friday(next/week after, not sure), the day when I get money from my work. The server was active after I paid. THANKS.

    I was waiting on my client's place to show the work I've done but my server was suspended. So I called and asked liquidweb that don't I have until end of the day to pay the balance. The rep(same person who gave the time until friday) told me to pay the balance to activate the server and not worth wasting time by talking. He didn't even listen to me what I tried to ask.

    (I planed to pay on that evening from the business account if the client give me a cheque or otherwise from my personal account.)

    Then I arranged a credit card and paid. The server is active from then. But I lost the project worth of $700.

    If they have told me that they going to suspend the server in the early morning, I would have done something else.

    I found out that I'm not going to get the money 2 days ago. From then I'm thinking about my hosting company.

    What should I do now? Its all because of me? Its the rep?

    Can anyone tell me a company close to stormondemand with the same level support(Technical)?

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    That's bad ... you're a Web Developer, right? I feel you, losing jobs opportunities is the worst feeling ever, specially because of your server being down.

    While you gotta make sure your payment is really up to date and always inform the provider about any situation, I can recommend Wired Tree from my personal experience and KnownHost from WHT reviews.

    You can't go wrong with them. But hey ! always make sure your payment is done on time, no provider will be that kind. At least make sure you talk with them and make an agreement in case that the payment will be late.

    Also LiquidWeb Support is good, but any of the host above can match it or go beyond... So you will not miss them ^ ^ .

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