Our expert technicians will rack your hardware, build your servers, label servers and run wiring in an organized fashion. They are also available for hardware replacement and on-site Linux and network administration. Pricing and the amount of time required to complete a task (minimum 1 hour increments) will be determined prior to being fulfilled. Most tasks will be completed within 24 hours during regular business hours after an agreement is made. We guarantee 100% quality service or your money back.

Please email [email protected] with your requirements and we will be happy to send you a quote as well as an approximate turnaround time.

Rack and Stack Services

$79 per device (1U+ chassis)

This includes hardware racking, OS installation, IPMI configuration, cord and server labeling and rail installation. Before and after we complete a task, we will send you a detailed report of wiring and server labeling so you can manage your servers remotely. High quality photographs can be taken and sent upon request.

Build Hardware

$79 per device (1U+ chassis) ($69 with rack and stack)
$49 each device (Blades/Microclouds/Twins)

This includes the installation of the motherboard, CPU/heat sink, memory, raid controller and hard drives.

Hardware Replacement

$49 scheduled (non-emergency)
$179 non-scheduled (emergency)

Hard drive replacement, motherboard replacement, adding/removing RAM, RAID cards, etc. Non-scheduled hardware replacement completed within a few hours of notification and payment, guaranteed.

RMA of Hardware

$69 per device plus shipping costs.

On-site Linux/Network Administration

$89 per hour (8AM - 5PM CST Mon-Fri)
$179 per hour (After 5PM CST Sat-Sun)

Monthly, Unlimited Task Subscription

Starting at $1999 per month

Management of day-to-day tasks as required. Contact us with your requirements for more details.

Terms and Conditions
  • Patch cables and power cables must be provided.
  • Hardware must be housed in facility within 50 miles of the Dallas metro area.
  • Hardware must be shipped directly to the data center.
  • Nuts and bolts must be provided. All other accessories must be provided.
  • General racking details and cabling instructions must be provided