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    first few clients since my website relaunch and a new faster server

    Well how do i begin, really only looking advice from more seasoned hosts.

    I have been in the business 1 year now only got a handfull of clients and now i am actively promoting the site i have had 2 new signups in a week.

    Well!! first to my questions:

    these accounts both are from Hongkong and vietnam nothing against these countries but i became suspicious when both signups are from roughly same neck of the woods so to speak.

    Now i will probably be corrected here so please i am no geography expert and it was never my strong point but needless to say they signed up for the lowest priced deal i have whihc includes first month free!

    Is there any way to tell if these are legit signups or something they should not be?

    And if there is anyone here from hongkong or vietnam I do apologise and don't take this to heart as i am only really new to the hosting scene and still learning.

    and not long after their signup a big clients website was hacked just seemed more than coincidental.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    If you are not sure in their legitimity you should request from them verification documents(e.g. passport/driver license/utility bill and credit card they made a payment).

    In most cases of fraud they will just dissapear with speaking for itself answer to you.

    Good luck to you and wish they are not a fraud.

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    Do you screen all order for fraud using MaxMind or something similar? MaxMind usually flags up most fraudulent orders and a few more besides.

    Have you tried using

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    MaxMind lets you set up a list of countries that will be flagged automatically as fraud. If you don't set it up yourself, they have a small default list. I could be wrong, but I think Vietnam is on that list.

    Are you monitoring the outbound email logs on your servers for evidence of spam. Spammers, in my experience, always sign up for the smallest and cheapest packages, so I'm always most vigilent with customers who take the smallest package. First-month-free is probably irresistable for them.

    So I'm not saying they are spammers. But I am saying that you should keep an eye on outbound mail volumes, and check the mail queue for messages that have been initially refused by the receiving server.

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